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~Ham License~


Several members of the MCARC are WCARS/VE team members and schedule VE tests by appointment only.

To schedule a testing session call Michael Elkins (W1ELK) at 423-506-0225.

VE Testing IS NOT a function of the McMinn Co Amateur Radio Club, and the club receives none of the funds charged for VE testing. All funds go to WCARS.

VE Testing Hints

Have everything you need to take the test when you walk into the test session:
A FRN# (you cannot test without this number. If you need assistance, instructions are at the bottom of this page). If you need further help, text or call W1ELK, valid photo ID (like your driver's license or a passport).  A nonprogrammable calculator is permitted, wireless devices with calculator are not. If you are upgrading you need to bring a copy (NOT the original) of your current Amateur Radio license or CSCE.

Licensing fee - $10.00 ($35 starting April 19,2022)

Come prepared. Study the material and expect to pass the test on the first attempt. Usually the VEs will allow you to retake a test but they don't have to do this.

The VEs are only required to tell you if you passed or failed. They cannot tell you about how you did on specific questions or topics.

The VE team may refuse to test you for any reason.

Failure to have the appropriate certifications listed above may delay licensing grants.

The test materials are mailed to WCARS no later than the day after the session. They are then entered into the FCC database from there.

Getting a FRN number instructions:
The FCC has requested and strongly urges that all applicants register for a FCC Registration Number (a.k.a. FRN).

If you are already licensed you will find the FRN on your license. If you are a new applicant please follow the following instructions:

Go to the FCC web at: https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do

Click on the left radio button 'REGISTER"

Under "Registration Type" click "An Individual" then "Continue"

Follow the instructions (you may want to save a copy for future reference) and then click “SUBMIT”.

It's that simple.