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November 8, 2021

President Paul Eakin called the meeting to order.  

 Paulsaid the pledge, Mike did the prayer

26 people in attendance.

Treasurer Kenny said 56 paid members currently. Membership dues for the year are now due. The report passed.

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes.  The minutes passed. 

No vp report 

Old business: Dec 6th is the parade, the city has asked for help and if there is a rainout there will be a backup date of the 13th.  The trailer will be there at 430. Reflective vests are being asked to be worn but there are some in the trailer. Dinner is Dec 13 at Western Sizzlin. Discussion was made about how much money might be used for the upcoming year, and Paul asked for a budget from the committee heads to give him a possible outline about how much they might need for the 2022. The new antennas have come in, and Paul is taking to a contractor about coming to put the antennas. VEC said they would put the No Pone antenna up for us. 

New business:  Repeaters not being used as much they should be, and not enough information is being shared.  There is a small group that gets on the 060 every morning. Possibly new workshops coming up. 060 is parade monitoring channel. 


Trailer committee:

Tyler talked about the upgrade to the trailer, and everything is good in it. They are taking it to the Athens Regional Park Nov. 13 around 9-4 to coincide with the Boy Scouts doing a clean-up day at the park. NBEMS is also going to be shown that day per Kenny. 

Golf committee: 

Susan talked about the 140 sponsors, and it being in the DPA. Many sponsors and first responders were thankful we did it. 

Field day:

Talking about the amount that was used for field day, and next year possible put a certain amount for next year. 

Nomination committee for 2022: 

Darris Goforth for President 

Sid Averett for Vice President 

Mike Elkins for Treasure 

Chan Patrick for Secretary 

The nominations passed. The new officers gave a vision for their expectations of the next year. 

The meeting was adjourned