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Roll call: 27 people in attendance

President Darris Goforth:

Treasurer Mike Elkins: The report was read and approved. 31 members paid, 4 life members.

Secretary Chan Patrick: Read last month’s motions. Questioned if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed.

VP Sid Averett report: talked about field day on Jan 28/29

Old business: motion was made and passed to bought Dale’s 2 meter amplifier.

New business:

No Pone repeater request, discussion was had about donating it to the Meigs County Club. The comment was made if we let them have it would they move it,
or could we put a stipulation that we would have it back if they went under. They also have access to the 440 as well. We had an agreement that they could
still use it, but McMinn has the priority use. Discussion was made to have Jody come and bring a detail report of what they want to do with it. Possibly the
Decatur club and the Meigs county club are both wanting to use the repeater. Leasing it was also discussed. Discussion was made about linking it as well.
Discussion was also made for Dick Jones to be notified. Discussion was tabled until Jody is back next month.

Equipment stored at Coker Creek. 5gig linking equipment is what is stored. Could possibly be used as a source of income. Discussed was made to as to keeping
it and research to possibly using it or keeping it. Discussion was made to take it to the Dalton ham fest on Feb 25th. Mike is going to call Coker to get into the storage building.

Susan talked about the Ham Fest. July 15, 2023. Went over the committee, the date, the reservation, the National Guard, the flyer, the vendors and the food vendors.
Possible inside venue next year. The National guard armory was discussed, but it would cost more and vendors will be inside. At this time we do not have a food truck.
Possibly order from Bojangles. Possibly also use Boy Scouts. Discussion was tabled.

Request for Decatur radio club to use the 050 one time a week for a net.

Bobby has a tnc computer for digital use and simplex use, and is also used as a node. Willing to donate the equipment to the club. Has a McMinn and Athens nodes.
Need to be at a site. On a different frequency. Plug and play. Utilized through out the south.

The meeting was adjourned