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July 11, 2022

Phil did the prayer, Sid did the pledge

Roll call: 30 people in attendance

President Darris Goforth: Thanks to the people who put up the No Pone antenna. Field day went well, but the generator went out about 5 minutes into it.

Treasurer Mike Elkins: The monthly report was read and approved. 55+ 5 lifetime members =60 members.

Secretary Chan Patrick: Read last month’s motions. Questioned if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed. Discussion was made about the golf tournament and if we do not have enough people wanting to help then we will have to cancel it.

VP Sid Averett report: Thanks for all that came to field day, and the ones that stayed all night. Shirts are in the process of being ordered.

Old business:

New business: Charlie Satterfield spoke about his experiences in ham radio since 1990. Possible new repeater up there on Waucheesy mnt, question to the club if we would be interested in having the repeater back there. Possibly linking it to Starr Mountain. 146.820, goal is for it to be an emergency location. Thursday night is the tech net, quick net on the new repeater.

Ham Fest: 5 am, sat 7/16/22. Phil spoke about the people that have helped getting the Hamfest ready. As many needed to be there as possible for different roles. Try to wear a red ham shirt if possible, or at least a red shirt. Most of the prizes have already been collected, and many vendors have sent us items to give away as well. TN07 will be coming this year if they can be in a closed room. A vendor that has fittings, etc, will be here, and The Cupcake Lady. The National Guard will be there again. Big Belly Deli will be there again for the concessions. We will make coffee and set out a tip jar. Club table will have items for sale for the benefit of the club. Possible buying a table for that will be used for a member to sell their own equipment. Testing will also be taking place again. People are needed to be there on Friday to help set up. Both trailers will be needed. More than 700 emails were sent out twice for promotions for the Hamfest. PA system is ready from Tracy, Reed is doing the test bench, the canopy for the gate is in one of the trailers, talk-in on the radio for directions. There is a big banner that goes out near the park entrance, smaller signs out throughout the community. Several spots are already claimed so they can have electricity. Vests for traffic directors will be in the trailer. Simplex 146.490 is used for workers inside the park. People get charged $5 through the gate, tailgaters/dealers and will get the table fees ($10) when they are set up. Must be a paid member to not be charged. Prize tickets are $1/piece. Something will be given away every 15 minutes. Cleanup crew for the county will be cleaned on Friday. Large fans are needed. Gate money has been taken care of. Donation was given for $50 cash, was accepted.

The meeting was adjourned