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March 11, 2024

Steve did the prayer, Bobby did the pledge

Roll call: 28 people in attendance

President Mike Elkins:

Treasure Deborah Wilson: The treasure’s report was read and passed. 32 current members, 4 life members.

Secretary Chan Patrick:Old motions: David Baker was voted in as Trustee, Motion passed for Bobby to get a banner for $100,
sponsorship page passed, Motion passed for a new electric jack. Corrections or additions, passed

VP Bobby Muphey: Bobby talked about the new banners that we have, displayed it, got 2 for the price of 1.
Discussed upcoming Hamfest and the biggest obstacle now is what prizes we are wanting to give away (has prizes quotes from Gigiparts and HRO).
Also has prizes from a local company in Chattanooga called Chat Radio, went over the prizes. ICOM HF is the biggest of the prizes, $1495 without
taxes for all the radios and prizes. Motion made to approve prizes, passed. TN State Guard will be coming to do security for the Hamfest July 20th.
Looking for a vendor for breakfast and lunch. Club website that needs to be updated with Hamfest flyer. Discussed vendors that are already committed,
testing will be happening. Larry will be doing the parking lines, tickets and caution tape should be in the trailer. There will be testing table

Old business:

Susan to discuss Hamfest

New business:

April 6 is the trailer training, storage training as well. Deborah resigned as the treasure, Alicia became the new treasurer.
Judy talked about the spring dinner, a potluck the first weekend of May.
Discussion by Dale and Curtis about the club having a banner at the Niota club field.