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Susan did the prayer, Kenny did the pledge

Roll call:  26 people in attendance

President Mike Elkins: discussion made about which new generator for the trailer. Will be bought before the Hamfest. 

Treasure Alicia Parham: The treasure’s report was read and passed. 37 current members, 4 life members. 

Secretary Chan Patrick: Corrections or additions, passed. Old motions:

VP Bobby Muphey: Moofest was a success, had 3 great spots right by the pavilion, had several club members helping with the trailer. David and Darris were able to work the new equipment in the trailer. Field day is June 22, trailer will be used, look at the rules for field day. Hoping to change out the crank on the trailer, barber freight has the electric crank for $250-300. Motion made to buy an electric crank for the trailer, motion tabled to let Judy reach out to Gary to see if he has the free crank by 6/14, if not the motion is approved.  Discussion made on Hamfest jobs and a sheet going around to sign up for jobs the day of. 

Trustee David Baker: 

Old business: 

New business: Field day, June 22 2024. Wanting to use a different call sign this year, possibly using Darris’s call sign. Need an info table, using brochures we used from Moofest, QST Magazine, have an opportunity to get more people that want to sign up for Mike Farmer’s class. There will be a grill for food. Will start setting up sat 10am to start by 2pm until 12 pm Sunday. Software is FJP to use for the field day. Key for the pavilion will be needed the Thursday/Friday before, Mike or Bobby will pull the trailer. Knoxville Hamfest is 6/16/24. 

The meeting was adjourned

Lewis did the closing prayer