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September 13, 2021

President Paul Eakin called the meeting to order.  

Paul said the pledge, Kenny did the prayer

18 people in attendance.

Treasurer Kenny said 56 paid members currently. Membership dues for the year are now due. The report passed.

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes.  The minutes passed. 

No vp report 

Old business: 

New business: Christmas dinner is Dec 2nd at 6pm at Western Sizzlin.  Antenna building is going to be at the regional park sat, Sept 18 at 9am, as well as testing. 


Golf committee: report on the golf tournament, update on the sponsors, deadline is Sept 17,but donations will still be accepted. After the deadline they may not have signs/being on the website. The amount that we needed to cover has been reached. Up to the volunteers if they decided to go out and look for sponsors due to covid. Prizes have been donated, members are not eligible to win the prizes. Asked to wear club shirts the day of the tournament. Trailer/seats/table/coolers have been taken care of, volunteers no later than 10 am, at least one photographer is needed, hole in one observer is needed, hole in one for a car is also going to be going on hole 17.  Dinner blesser is needed.  Sponsors can eat for free, sponsors can play for $25. 

Trailer committee: still working on updating it. New pressure switch has been ordered.  Wanting to take the trailer out more for new hams to use, as well as mountain topping.  Making a list of authorized trailer pullers for insurance purposes.  

The meeting was adjourned