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Roll call: 33 people in attendance

President Darris Goforth: possibly not having a field day committee. Budget committee is being appointed, Mike is in charge of it and he already has enough people volunteering for it. Possibility of being at McMinn County High school having a demo from 8:15-3pm either May 2nd or May 5th. Discussion was had about taking the radio station back to McMinn back from Central High School. Gary questioned how we got the radios, was funded by ARRL and the timeframe for the grant has passed. Dale suggested to take the radios from the City Hall and take them to McMinn and leave the ones that are already at Central. There would be a need to get a new antenna for the shack at McMinn. Discussion was made as to keeping a shack at Central and put on at Central. Motion was made to move the radios from Central to McMinn and the radios from City Hall to central. Discussion was made as to the repeater club deciding which radios would go to which school.

Treasurer Mike Elkins: The treasurer’s report was read and passed.

Secretary Chan Patrick: Read last month’s motions. Questioned if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed.

VP Sid Averett report : April 16 is Greenville’s Hamfest. April 17 is testing. June 4 Atlanta Hamfest. Kids day is ?? April 25 and 26 is field day.

Old business: 147.060 is the tech net for learning and for new hams to be able to ask questions. The Facebook page was talked about and the Elmer’s corner was discussed. Reed talked about a tower that had been knocked down, and asked if the club would donate to the Gofundme page to help him. Discussion was made about how much we should donate to his target of $60,000, and possibly challenge other clubs to donate as well. Motion made to give $1000, motion passed. Motion was made for the 440 radio and put it in the shack, motion passed. Discussion was made as to bought some of the radios in it, and if it has an EMA sticker it has to go back to EMA. Question was asked about the status of the climbers, the VEC knows we are ready, AUB is not ready for climbers. Paul discussed that if it is below 40 degrees the climber for AUB would not do it, and he is ready when we are. Reed has the contact info for the climber. Dale talked about the process it takes to get it up. Paul is getting the part we need to finish putting up No Pone. A work party was discussed for putting the antenna together, April 23 is the planned day, 1-2 pm possibly

New business: The new trailer has insurance on it now. The contents are also covered as well. The possibility was brought up to have extra training for the new hams during the meeting. Nothing on golf tournament committee. Trailer committee has had the generator fixed and running well now. Next month at the Cleveland club there will be training as well.

Ham Fest: Flier is already on the website for our Ham Fest. Should be on the ARRL calendar.

The meeting was adjourned