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November 14, 2022

Bobby did the prayer, Sid did the pledge

Roll call: 25 people in attendance

President Darris Goforth:

Treasurer Mike Elkins: The report was read and approved. 58 + 4 life = 62 members.

Secretary Chan Patrick: Read last month’s motions. Questioned if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed.

VP Sid Averett report: Judy talked about the chili supper, we made about $800 dollars.

Old business:

New business:

December 12th is the Christmas party at Western Sizzlin. Dec 5th, rain date Dec 12th, is the Christmas parade. Need to bring handy talkies, pen/clipboard, flashlight, dress according. Please check in with net control. Paul has a meeting with Julie Nov 15th to go over the parade route. Meeting at Athens Middle School at 5 pm. The executive committee stayed the same for 2023. Fox hunt on Dec 3rd for McMinn and Rhea Counties. There are two tutorials for the fox hunt, one on Nov 17 at the Rhea County welcome center at 6 pm, and Friday Nov 18 at 630 at the Baptist Center. It is also on the upcoming events on our website. Bobby’s net has moved to 730pm on Thursday. Larry said the group in Knoxville have fox hunts, and swap shops. Also talking about possibly moving some of the nets around. Discussion about a slow scan net. Sid discussed that events and websites are club ideas, and to bring more ideas this next year. Bobby talked about hearing the frequencies for weather balloons. 404.810 goes off at 7am and 7pm. Discussion was made about a tower becoming an object on apers. Sid discussed a plot of property that he saw as a possible area for a club shack. A future idea is to buy a place where we can eventually have a club shack.

The meeting was adjourned