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June 14, 2021
President Paul Eakin called the meeting to order.

Paul said the pledge, Mike did the prayer

25 people in attendance.

Treasurer Kenny said 27 paid members currently. Membership dues for the year are now due. The report passed.

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed.

No vp report

Old business: still looking for a VP, looking to see who all is still part of the club but who are not coming to the meeting. Mike discussed about the members they have contacted and people who say they may come back.  Discussion about who has a payed membership and who are covered by the year free for being new hams. 

New business: Gary talked about a question for Mike Farmer to get a life member for his contribution to the club, motion passed.  Presentation about the new website for the club and its new features, including a discussion about what other features could be added. Motion was made to let the website go live when the bugs are worked out.  Tva training drill is 6/16/21.  Discussion was made about posters for the Knoxville Hamfest for our Hamfest. Reed discussed the prizes for the Hamfest, and possible discounts on equipment for our door prizes.  Motion was made to get a debit card for the checking account, motion passed.  Motion passed for 5-$75 hourly prizes, and $1000 for the grand prize, motion passed. Motion made for $800 for Hamfest small bills, motion passed.  Tyler discussed about what is needed to get the trailer completely fixed. Motion was made to fix the remainder of the problems for the trailer for $1,400, motion passed. Mike discussed VE teams for Hamfest. National Guard will be there for security for Hamfest. Bob is working on PR for Hamfest through the DPA and radio stations. Field day was discussed. Golf tournament was discussed.  Sheriff Guy said that mountain topping was accepted into the magazine QST. 

Committees: Sid discussed being in charge of the website and discussed about how good of a job Darris did taking over the website. 

                                                                     The meeting was adjourned.