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October 10, 2022

Mike did the prayer, Sid did the pledge

Roll call: 22 people in attendance

President Darris Goforth: CASA will be different next year if they do it at Pumpkin Town. Mike did great showing where people needed to be for the race. If anyone still has a vest to please bring back.

Treasurer Mike Elkins: The report was read and approved. 60+5 life members = 65 members

Secretary Chan Patrick: Read last month’s motions. Questioned if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes. The minutes passed.

VP Sid Averett report: Thanks to all that came out and help at the CASA run. Evan Ray, Mike Ray’s dad, is not doing well. Tracy Carter is on hospice.

Old business:

Reed said that the climbers are coming Thursday, Oct 13 at AUB to put up the new 060 antenna. Possibly needing to have some extra money for incidentals such as tape and electrical ties. Paul asked if we needed a jumper cable but we should be ok. Petty cash has been allocated to use for incidentals in case it is needed.

New businesses:

Nominations for executive committee:

Sid was nominated for President, any other nominations write down and present to the club.

Repeater agreement was read, voted on and agreed to by the club. Charlie Satterfield explained the designation of the gentleman’s agreement. Dale talked about the type of antenna it is and would need a better one soon, most likely a monopole. Discussion about the repeater. Reed is going to see if Carl has one that he will donate, and a wind collar.

Recent issues 060 discussed by Reed. Was taken down and was fixed from Mitch and is now at 443.275. Donations have been given to the club for use at Central.

Chili fundraiser at the justice center from Judy. The sheriff has agreed to let us use the room for us to use. TBD

Christmas Parade is Dec 5th, rain date is Dec 12th. Christmas Party 2022 is at Western Sizzlin’ on Dec 12th. Discussion was had on rather or not to have gifts, club decided to not have gifts.

Time change for net meetings was discussed, should be falling back an hour. Weather net will be changed 820 as well. Skywarn net has to have training. Matt said Tracy is in room 111, B wing. At 1pm friday Chattanooga will have its Hamfest. Partnering with Rhea County Saturday Dec 3 fox hunt, place to be determined. There will be a cookout as well afterwards. Larry talked about relays on the nets, and possibly a way to coordinate using their HT’s with an antenna. Paul asked about the generator if it was working or not, Sid said the generator still has issues running and cutting off. We had to drain the bowl and open the lid to get it started back Discussion on what was in it, and possibly getting a new one. Paul is also bringing his generator, and we are to see if seafoam will make the old one work better.

The meeting was adjourned