Programming your S.A.M.E.
Weather Alert Radio

This is simple guide to programming your weather radio.
The links mentioned below are for the National Weather Service office in Morristown TN, and covers all of E TN.
You can find other weather radio stations and codes by going to, and using the weather radio links there.

1) Plug the unit in, put the back up batteries in it, and turn it on. Make sure the weather part is turned on.

For the next few items, you will need your manual to navigate through the menus in your radio.

2) You need to select the weather service transmitter closest to you, that serves your area.
You can find this information at

3) Once you select the right station, make sure you can hear the station by getting out of the setup menu, and press the Weather button.
You may need to move around to get a good signal. Once you find the best place, this IS where the radio needs to be.
It DOES need to receive a good quality signal.

4) Now you need to set at least one S.A.M.E. code for your county. If you plan to set only one code, choose a "single" setting in the menu.

5) Next, you need to enter that code. You find the proper code by looking at

6) If you want to enter multiple codes (highly recommended if you live near a county line) then you would select "multiple" and enter the differing codes,
such as SAME 01 or CODE 01, and enter the codes you find on

7) Set the clock.

8) Set the alert type. Voice is a good choice, as the radio will send out a loud tone, then switch to voice during the alert, so that you instantly hear what the warning is for.

9) Get out of the menus, make sure the weather radio switch is on (this is probably a slide switch on the unit) and never turn it off.

10) If you have an extended power outage, change your batteries. Also change them once to twice a year, when you change smoke detector batteries.

11) NOTE: always have an alternate way to receive weather information. The NWS transmitters do go off the air from time to time. Broadcast TV or radio is a good choice. If you have cable or satellite TV, you may not get an alert.

You can find S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Radios at many local stores, such as Walgreens, WalMart, etc.

Feel free to contact the McMinn Co Amateur Radio Club, Inc at and please put "Weather Radio Help" in the subject line.