Wilderness Protocol

The purpose of this operating suggestion is to offer stations that are in the wilds or in areas that are not near repeater stations a chance to be heard when it is needed the most!

The Wilderness Protocol is a suggestion that those outside of repeater range should monitor standard simplex channels at specific times in case others have Emergency or priority calls.

The primary frequency monitored is 146.52 MHz; secondarily or alternatively 52.525, 223.5, 446.0 and 1294.5 MHz respectively. The idea is to allow communications between hams that are hiking or backpacking in uninhabited areas, outside repeater range an alternative opportunity to be heard.

NOTE- This is NOT just for hikers, back packers, or similar situations....it is for ANYONE to use at ANYTIME...that you need assistance. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE BY NOTING THIS "WILDERNESS PROTOTYPE" AND USING IT IF YOU NEED IT.

Recommended Use of "Wilderness Protocol"

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