The spring field day will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the L&N

Depot in Etowah, TN. The focus of the event will be on promoting and

exposing the public to the emergency services provided by HAM radio.

There will be a Tennessee Overhill train ride that day also. We have

permission to set up the trailer near the stations portico so it will be

a great opportunity for promoting HAM radio to all the riders. The train

pulls out around 0900 so we will need to have the emergency trailer

there and set up by at least 0730. The Etowah Chamber of Commerce and

the Tennessee Overhill organization have agreed to put our event on

their website. Bob Miller, KC4KUZ will promote the event on local media.

We have numerous ARRL brochures and pencils in storage for handouts.

HAMWATCH will also have a presence at the event. We would like to have

as many club members wearing club shirts as possible present for the event.

Questions, comments;

Bill, W4WPL, 423-462-5724,