June 2017 Edition


June 12 2017 
38 Present 2 Guest

President, Don Morelan (KE4BMQ) called the Meeting order.
Secretary, Michael Elkins (W1ELK) Read the minutes for May 8th and it passed.
Treasure Cliff Blackburn (W4TZD) read the Treasurers Report, for May 8th  
we had a beginning balance of 4,270.82 with $438.69 for power supplies, 
$116.59 for Vista Print, $63.70 for wire, $145.33 for food at mini field day and 
$276.00 for liability insurance with an ending balance of $3,230.51 and $69.77 
in petty cash and it passed.
47 members
Repeater Committee: Tracy Carter,
Tracy and Reed went to the Star Mt site and checked the station and decided that 
the antenna needs to be adjusted and the connection need to be checked and they 
will return with Eric and he will climb the tower. 

Website Committee: Darris Goforth,
Everything is good and everyone needs to check the website every few days.

Programs Committee: Darris Goforth 
Darris is planing on showing how to make a strain relief for coax cable. 
Also Tracy is planing a program on tuning a duplexer with a service monitor.
Activity Committee: 
We need someone to take over this committee.

Public Relations Committee: Bob Miller.
Field Day is June 24, and we need everyone we can get at the proclamation 
at City Hall June 20th at 6pm.

Ham Fest Committee: Phil Prichard.
JMR sales cannot make it this year and The Wire Man is sick but his 
daughter said they would try to be there. ARRL sent a packet and we are sanctioned.
Phil and Tracy ordered the new tickets and they look really good and they are getting the signs.
Cliff will take care of the HRO order. 
Glenn will order the things from MFJ.
Joe Guy donated a HT for Ham Fest.
The Sheriffs office will have officers at the Ham Fest. 
We will be working at the expo center to get ready for the Ham Fest on Friday the 14th 
at 5pm and we need to be at the expo center at 5am on Saturday the 15th and 
make this the best Ham Fest yet.    
Nominating Committee: Glen Moses,

School Station Committee: Josh Haire
Eric talked to Josh Haire and he needs to have a teacher sponsor the radio 
station and Eric and Sid are going to help him with that. 

Ham Watch Committee: Cliff Blackburn. 
Meet and talked about a notification system that Tom Trotter has and is 
going to let Joe Guy use for the HW. 

Club Net Committee: Doc Holliday
Michael said a big thank you to Sid and Eric for volunteering to help with 
the nets, also they are going to change the time on the nets next week, the 
Star Mt net will start at 8:30 and the 2 meter net will start at 8:45, 
remember to speak slow and clear.  
Trailer Committee: Bill Luecken.
Bill worked on the club trailer and Chris assisted him installing a electric wench, 
new battery and cleaning it. Also running and checking the air conditioner.

Old Business:
We are still trying to get the 060 back up at the AUB site

New Business:
TVA practice run will be on August 16th at the EOC and the graded one will be on 
December 13th. 
Don Shane made a motion to adjourn and it passed. 

See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!