November 2018 Edition


MCARC Meeting for November 12th 2018

President Danny Jones called the meeting to order.
Michael Maroon lead the prayer.
Sid Averett lead the pledge.
Darris Goforth Read the October 8th minutes. Motion to accept passed.
Treasuror Cliff Blackburn reported a balance of $1829.49 and 
$157.16 in petty cash. Motion to accept passed.

VP Steve Rickerson reminded us the Christmas Parade was Monday 
December 3rd. Members try and be there around 4:30pm to help
set up the trailer. Dress for the weather, wear a safety vest,
bring your handy talky and a flash light. Steve noted that the 
Athens Christmas Parade is the oldest in Tennessee.
Also our Christmas Eatin Meetin was scheduled for December 10th 
at 6:00pm. 

Being that our November meeting is Election time for the 2019 officers,
Motion was made to table all Committee reports until our next meeting
in January 2019. Motion passed.

The 2019 Nominations were:
For President: Danny Jones and Gary Eiff
For Vice President: Steve Rickerson 
For Secretary: Chan Patrick
For Treasurer: Mary Ann Eiff
Note: There were a number of nominations that declined.
Motion was made to cease nominations. Motion passed.

Voting Proceeded for the 2019 club officers, and the results were:
Gary Eiff was elected President.
Steve Rickerson was elected Vice President.
Chan Patrick was elected Secretary.
Mary Ann Eiff was elected Treasurer.

Meeting Adjourned.


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Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!