July 2017 Edition


July 10 2017 
33 Present 4 Guest

President, Don Morelan (KE4BMQ) called the Meeting to order.
Secretary, Michael Elkins (W1ELK) Read the minutes for June 12th and it passed. 
Treasure, Cliff Blackburn (W4TZD) read the Treasurers Report, for May 8th  
we had a beginning balance of 3,230.51 with a deposit of $247.00 and 8 checks written, 
Bill Luecken $100, Glenn Moses $57.18, Tracy Carter $63.01, Don Shane $131.70. 
Bill Luecken $13.48, Thomas Massingale $51.58, Amazon $53.60, and H.R.O. $1014.00 
with an ending balance of $1992.96 and $69.77 in petty cash and it passed. 
53 Members
Repeater Committee:  Tracy Carter,
Tracy reported that the Star Mountain station is fixed so it will work on both digital and analog, 
the VHF and UHF repeaters are up and working good at AUB and has a 15 watt amp on it but 
we will need to get a better one at a later date and he will be looking at what else he can do 
to make them better, Tracy and Don switched everything over from the old repeater cabinet 
to the new one and we will be doing something with the old one any suggestions? Tracy said 
that there was a lot of help and support at AUB when the crew put the antennas up so a big 
thank you to everyone that was there, Carl had given Darris a bracket for the 145.150 site 
and we are going to try to go a little higher with that antenna.

Website Committee:  Darris Goforth,
Programs Committee: Darris Goforth, 
Tracy said he will do a program on the service monitor before he returns it to the owner.
Activity Committee: We need someone to take over this committee.

Public Relations Committee: Bob Miller.

Ham Fest Committee: Phil Prichard.
Phil reported that TNOC Engineering, The Wire Man and ESCITEC Affordable Technology 
have reserved space for the Ham Fest, we have had very good feedback on our previous 
Ham Fest, Don will help with getting the things from the Go Mini, Glenn will bring the pop 
up canopy, Bill will bring the club trailer, Michael will get the keys to the gate, Glenn got 
the package from MFJ, Cliff got the radios and some other things from HRO, members
 cannot win advertised prizes, members can have free coffee if you are wearing your red 
club shirt, members do not have to pay to get in if you are there before the gate opens, 
Phil will do job assignments Saturday morning, 147.060 and 145.150 will be our talk in 
stations, this is all hands on deck.     

Nominating Committee: Glen Moses,

School Station Committee: Josh Haire
Sid talked with Andrew Headrick and he said he would try to help Josh with the station at 
McMinn Central High School.

Ham Watch Committee: Cliff Blackburn. 
Cliff said he had received some new applicants and there will be training once a year. 

Club Net Committee: Doc Holliday
Trailer Committee: Bill Luecken. 
It is ready to go.

Old Business:
Winlink is fixed and running.  
New Business:
TVA practice run will be on August 16th at the EOC and the graded run will be on December 13th. 
The station at the McMinn Co Sheriffs office is up and running and Danny Jones has made 
several contacts on that station.
Phil asked how do we get training for digital operation. Bill said that there had been some 
training that had taken place on the radio, check with Kevin Colvin or Kenny Witt and maybe 
they can help, Michael ask if we could do some training at the club shack? And Kenny said that 
we could but space is limited, Don said that maybe we could do some training as a club project, 
Kenny said he would send out an email with some info on digital operation.

Tracy made a motion to adjourn and it passed. 

See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!