April 2018 Edition


Ham Club April 9, 2018
Daniel Jones President.
Opened with prayer by Mike Farmer.
And saluted the flag David.

Roll call successfully gone through.

Members and Guest present: 27

A report from the VP. Descriptions for the SOP are ready.
The kids net is still gathering people but may be deferred until august 23 after the new test books come out.
A 7 week class may be organized for kids. The new book may be out already for beginning study.

CASA needs shirt sizes for those helping, as reported by Darris.
Hillsview fire dept is interested in taking a class. Flyers will be distributed.

Treasurer's report was submitted. 2448.66 is now in the checking. Darris moved to accept and Thomas 2nd
They were accepted.

Debbie read the minutes from March. Cliff moved to accept and Herb 2nd. They were accepted by the club.

Danny thanked everyone for all of there work.

Asked report from repeater committee.

Dale has prioritized what needs to be done and with all the help all of the repeaters are up and running.
The shack winlink is up and running. Still don’t have a computer to update the shack but Dale is still 
in talks with the city. The committee is proposing that all of the equipment is updated as we can with 
cash flow. Initially they want to purchase another fusion repeater. It would be $900 for version 2 of 
the fusion repeater. The new version has simultaneous use with 440 and 2 meter. Tracy gave a run down 
of what the fusion 2 will do. The 150 machine is problematic. We have a spare controller to put with it.

Stephen suggested we put together a wish list for phasing in new equipment for the next 5 years and maybe 
go after a grant. The repeater committee is going to present a list for a one year and a five year goal. 
They are going to talk with others about the needs for digital and do a little research for what may be needed.
Danny suggested we have a wiresX repeater here in McMinn county between the two major cities.
Thomas made a motion and Bill 2nd to purchase the new fusion 2 repeater. It passed.

Reed has been looking for a service monitor and bought one for $1200. He is asking to have members donate 
$100 each to pay for the one he bought. Reed, Darris, Tracy, Dale, Danny, Gary, have agreed to donate 
$100 toward buying this monitor.

It has been suggested that a medal cabinet that locks be purchased to secure the equipment in the club 
shack so that it is secure. Darris and Tracy said we have cabinets already and we can use those. The locks 
will need to be changed. Dale is to get prices for a dual cabinet so that it is not cluttered up in there 
and will be discussed next month.

Hamfest committee report by Stephen. They had a meeting and went over a checklist for all that needs to 
be done. Do we want to change the prizes. Whether what we usually do or get two 8900 radios plus beofeng 
radios. This will save money for the club. We will need to change that on the website. Another raffle has 
been proposed of a generator or prepper food. How do we want to raise money? There is much discussion 
about what to give away. Mike Ray wants to keep an HF rig. Cliff suggested a different 2 meter radio and 
antennas. Danny will bring a price list and the club will vote in May.

Discussion about how and when to separate the repeaters in the event of an emergency. The repeater committee 
wants to keep the codes out of fear the entire system could be shut down. Darris is suggesting that everyone 
monitors the repeaters to help Reed.

Net Committee is trying to refine the agreement between Meigs and McMinn. They are discussing the protocols. 
The proposed protocol is going to be put on the webpage so we can all read it and see if we agree. Darris 
asked for a digital file to put on the website. So far all in the net committee in McMinn and Meigs are in 
agreement as to the protocol. There will be a round robin net about the net committees the 2nd Thursday 
of each month so everybody has a chance to say what they want and need with the nets. Reed and the officers 
should have the codes if anything needs to be shut down or separated. Kenny Witt pointed out that there 
needs to be a liaison between the two counties in the case of de-linking. The 440 machine cannot be reached 
by all of Meigs County. Discussion about moving the antennas to see if all of the county can reach it 
without losing coverage in McMinn. Danny suggested we link all of the 440 machines and how are we going 
to do that so that the analog and digital machines can communicate. Think about giving 150 repeater to 
Meigs. Some object. Discussion about what to do with it. We want to help Meigs get going but they need 
to help with the money. This whole thing needs to be thought out. If youre going to eat the chicken, throw 
in some taters with it. Discussion tabled.

The 060 machine has been tweaked and it is doing quite well and has a broad coverage now.

Inventory and field day were discussed. It is coming up on the 21st. The sheriff will have a hamwatch 
training session on the 21st.

Prayer for Buck Sneed and Robert Hyde was requested.

Casa walk will be the 28th 7:30 Eureka trailhead. 15 people are needed.

Email needs to be taken over by Jim Morelan or possibly the secretary.

New business:

Gary wants contact info for everybody that are trained as weather spotters so he can distribute changes 
in protocols and contact frequencies.

Darris got sizes for shirts for the Casa walk.

Bell and Forgety have put in a line item into the states budget to get our vanity tags back.

Bob moved we adjourn and Mike Farmer seconded it. We dismissed.

Kenny Kirksey tested for General and passed! Congratulations KN4FIH!

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Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!