July 2018 Edition


July Ham Club Meeting

Monday, July 9, 2018
6:44 PM

Meeting opened 7:01 By President Danny Jones

David Kirksey prayed for the various requests and Joe Guy lead the pledge

Roll call with 23 present

VPs report He is working on the registry and is making sure he has all of the correct information. 
Also, it will not be put on the web site.

Debbie read the minutes and Darris made a motion to accept with Cliff seconding the motion.

Danny gave a report about the 501 c 3 and 501 c 4.

Cliff gave the treasurer's report. Motion to accept Debbie with Phil seconding.
Danny asked the club for permission to spend $200 on the food.
Darris made a motion and Reed seconded it. It passed.

Danny suggested we leave the money woes on the back burner.

REPEATER COMMITTEE Dale gave a report that the repeaters are up and running and something 
about the cat controller. On the 440 machine they need to buy a land card. The repeater 
committee is buying that just to keep things moving forward. The old controller card will 
be put with the old repeater to expand coverage in Darris' area.

WEB COMMITTEE Darris has made some corrections but has not put much new stuff on it.
Dale brought up about the emails needing to be taken over because nobody is doing it.
Mail chimp was discussed. We need to simplify the email. People are reluctant to take on the 
job because it is difficlut to use mail chimp. Sid made a motion to get rid of mail chimp. 
Chris seconded it. The motion passed.


HAMFEST Phil made sure we had the radios and reported that we have ARRL sanction for our hamfest. 
Phil went down the list of items on the check-off list. Phil asked for a test table and Darris 
will bring a power supply and dummy load. Stephen volunteered to bring 6 tables for use at the hamfest. 
Thomas and his wife may be doing the concessions. Mary Ann and Gary might help and we will probably 
rotate through. We will begin setting up at 1:00 Friday to prep the sight. Club members report in at 
5:00 a.m. Videos need to be made again. We need to think of the theme for a video. Everybody wear 
your red shirts! Water down the expo center to keep the dust down, Phil will check on that. We need 
all hands on deck before and after the hamfest to set up then break down. Much discussion.

TRAILER COMMITTEE--Bill is retiring from the trailer committee and field day committee. 
Other than that he had no report.

Horace Hamby may be willing to be a sponser at the high school for that station.

Huntsville hamfest is Aug 18 and 19.
Nothing from the NET COMMITTEE.

FIELD DAY. We had 256 points, 122 CW points and 134 contact points. We had 31 people there.

The Boy Scout event went great. Danny gave a report about the event.

Darris is talking up a contest after the hamfest on the 21st. See Darris if you want to contest on CW and SSB.

Danny complemented Gary about the weather nets and Gary said we had 9 since the last meeting.
Meeting was adjourned. 

The net committee met on 8-11-18 Members present: Bill W4WPL Chris KM4OTL Cliff W4TZD Doc KK4STW ELI KM4KJP Gary W3GME MichaelKM4EZP Steve K4SRR Business conducted: 1) The 150 repeater is inoperable at this time. The repeater committee is aware of this. Meigs Co. is using a Dayton repeater for their net currently. Fund raising events were discussed, which seem necessary to offset equipment need's and repeater upkeep and repair. This will be discussed further at our next club meeting. 2) The monthly 440 net round robin will no longer be conducted. The Nopone repeater can not be accessed by most operators. Therefore, it will be discontinued until it can be more consistently accessed. The Athens 440 net will be moved to Monday evening's following the 060 net. Therefore, net Monday's will begin with the Starr net at 8:30, followed by the Athens 060, followed by the Athens 440. 3) Net prayer was re-evaluated. The addition of prayer requests is a good activity and will be continued. A call for unspoken requests will be added to the prayer time. 4) Gary W3GME gave a weather net report. There have been several weather nets called because of many storm warnings. No problems with the weather net was reported at this time. 5) Contact Doc at 506-9464 if interested in becoming a net control operator. Steve K4SRR will contact Kenny to see if he is interested in calling a net. Respectfully submitted Doc KK4STW

See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!