November 2017 Edition


McMinn County Amateur Radio Club, Meeting Minutes for November,13th 2017

44 Present


President, Don Morelan (KE4BMQ) called the Meeting order.

Secretary, Michael Elkins (W1ELK) Read the minutes for October 9th Bob 
made a motion to except and it passed.

Michael Elkins

Treasure Cliff Blackburn (W4TZD) read the Treasurers Report, for October 9th 
we had a beginning balance of $2101.22 with no expenditures with an ending 
balance of $2101.22, Sid was reimbursed $8.48 for food out of petty and that left 
$89.21 in petty cash Herb made a motion to except and it passed.

We have 57 members

Repeater Committee. Tracy Carter. 
The 442.275 repeater was taken down from the AUB site and is on the
bench at Tracys house and he will be working on it and get it back up as soon 
as he can, he will get to the 443.275 at Nopone site next when he gets 
done with the 422.275, we need 10 ft. of RG 400 cable and 6 connectors, 
Thomas made a motion for Tracy to purchase what he need if no one has any 
to donate.

Website Committee. Darris Goforth, said it is in good shape.

Programs Committee.

Activity Committee. Darris Goforth, Christmas parade is December the 4th and 
we need to be there at 4:00 pm, we are going to mavin to get gifts for 
the December meeting at the Steak House in Athens Tn. And Don Shane made 
a motion to spend $100.00 there and it passed.

PR Committee. Bob Miller, The Christmas parade is December 4th at 4:30 pm 
at the Jr High School

Send Bob pictures of anything going on that is club related to put on Face Book

Ham Fest Committee. Phil Prichard,

Nomination Committee. Glen Moses,

School Station Committee. Mike Ray and Danny Jones are working on getting 
the club station going at Central High School, they have someone in mind that 
is there at the school for that.

Ham Watch Committee.

Net Committee. Doc Holliday, The net committee was asked to be over the use 
of club repeaters by the Meigs County emergences net being conducted by a fine 
group of hams in Meigs County and Doc talked with his committee and got their 
input on how to proceed and they came up with a really good contract and has 
everything working good for everyone involved, Bob ask about the Net Committee 
being over the severe weather net, the Meigs County group said they get into 
the 145.150 really good but not so good on the 443.275 so Tracy talked about 
working on the antenna to better help everyone get into that repeater.

Club Trailer committee. Bill Luecken, The club trailer is ready to go and will be 
at the Christmas parade.

Old Business

New Business

TVA graded drill is December 13that 8am at the EOC.

Danny Jones acknowledged Brian Alexander and Jerry Wattenbarger for an 
award they had gotten from The Sons of the American Revolution for their 
service during the tornadoes. Thank you Brian and Jerry.

Todd ask how many McMinn County Police Officers have amateur radio license 
and the answer was 7 and he wanted to know if the club could help the Sheriff’s 
office with anything and Sheriff Joe Guy said that the club has been a big help 
to them and maybe the next class he will have some more officers in the class.

The newly elected officers for 2018 is

President, Danny Jones KK4SKU

Vice President, Steve Rickerson KK4UHW

Secretary, Michael Elkins W1ELK

Treasure, Cliff Blackburn W4TZD

Trustee, Reed Clayton W4HRC

Don Shane made a motion to adjourn and it passed. 



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Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!