January 2019 Edition


January 14, 2019
President Gary Eiff called the meeting to order.
Mike Elkins lead the prayer
Cliff Blackburn lead the pledge
Roll call 32 present
VP Steve Rickerson deferred till the end
Secretary Chan Patrick read the minutes from the November 2018 meeting 
(the December meeting involved the Christmas Dinner), Cliff Blackburn 
objected to the amount of funds in the minutes, Chan Patrick corrected 
the amount, the minutes were accepted. Treasurer Mary Ann Eiff read the 
treasurers report from November 2018. Motion to accept treasurers report passed.

Topics of discussion: the previous executive meeting, the upcoming 
Skywarn instruction Feb. 12, a womens only net, our information being 
in the Morning Fax, Garys meeting with the Athens Police Chief, the 
upcoming STEM project at Etowah City School Feb. 12,  committee chairs, 
President Gary Eiff moved to table the selection of the  repeater and 
hamfest committee chairmen until Feb 2019 meeting, Doc Holiday agreed 
to be the club net committee chair, Bill Leucken agreed to be the activities 
chair, moving forward activities, Elmers to meet with new members, working 
with other area Ham clubs, the possibility of increasing dues, and the 
inquiry of a projector to use for upcoming meetings.

2 priority discussions: 

	1.   A discussion was had if we should continue the yearly HAMFEST.  
	The motion was passed to continue it with the possibility of working 
	with other HAM groups. 
	2.   A discussion was had if we should continue planning the new 
	golf tournament, Guns and Hoses, and to use ringers for the actual golfers.  
	The motion was passed to continue planning it for May.
The meeting was adjourned. 


See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!