January 2018 Edition


Mcminn County Amateur Radio Club, Meeting minutes for January 8, 2018

Officers report
President Danny Jones KE4OTV meeting called to order

Debbie Bare read the minutes for November 2017 for secretary Michael Elkins W1ELK and it passed.

Cliff Blackburn read the treasures report for November we had a beginning balance of $2101.22 
with a check written to Liberty Tax for $25 and a check written to Maven with an ending balance 
of $1976.22 with $89.21 in petty cash and also December we had a beginning balance of $1979.22 
with a check written to the Trophy House with an ending balance of $1824.40 and $89.21 in 
petty cash and it passed.

The Executive Committee met in November and December
Danny Jones said that Michael Elkins had brought up about doing a prayer list for the MCARC 
and family and also we would like to have a chaplain corps.
Danny Jones spoke about long-term goals and about maybe a clubhouse in the future.
Danny Jones said each member makes up the club the officers want it to be fun, this is a 
hobby that is fun and important, Danny also spoke about linking the repeaters together.

Steve said the executive committee wanted to set up SOPs for all committees, formalize 
reports from the committees, and we need more communication from committees.
Steve said we are going to try to do a roster for the website, finish the inventory, have 
repeater committee members checking in on net, have field days at other sites in the county, 
get infrastructure up and running, meet with committee chairs.

Will is helping Meigs county get a club started and maybe we should look at getting 
Meigs county involved with us.

Dale suggested we have family events to involve the families of the club members.

Danny suggested we go to each fire district for a cookout.

Darris wants members to be willing to sponsor a child for ham licenses, Kenny wants to help with that.

There was a discussion about high visibility tee shirts for club members, Bob made a motion 
and it passed. Debbie is in charge of the shirt order, the shirts are to be pre-paid and 
ordered at the February meeting to be delivered at the March meeting.

Activity Committee.
We have field day, CASA run, emergency day at Clearwater and other activities, and looking 
at planning a VHF contest.

P R Committee,
Bob wants to increase PR by putting everybody on the PR committee please send things to Bob 
to put on Facebook and other social media outlets. Debbie suggested that every member should 
be on a committee. You can sign up for committees after the club meeting

Phil gave a report for Races, he spoke about how well the Watts bar drill went, he said 
members were deployed to various sites during the exercise, those grading the drill said 
the drill went flawless.

Ham Fest Committee.
Phil resigned from the chairmans position and requested someone else take that position.

Danny said that committee chairs need to train their members so they can do the jobs they 
need to do, we have some repeaters that need to be repaired and the members need to know 
all they can to be able to work on them 

Bill made a motion that the club buy LED spotlight and a tripod to give light for the trailer.

Training session for win link is Saturday 27th at 8:30 at Central Baptist Church.

Don Shane made a motion to adjourn and it passed.

Larry Camp past his Extra class test.
Britney Crowden past Technicians class test.



See http://www.mcminnarc.com/festcalendar.html
Club Events See http://www.mcminnarc.com/events.html

Till next month, 73, and Gud DX!