New News Letter

November 2019 Edition

November 11th 2019 

President Gary Eiff W3GME called the meeting to order.
Chris Nunley KM4OTL Lead the Prayer.
Dale Williams N4KDW Lead the Pledge.
Darris K4RST Set in for Secretary Chan KN4PKT Oct. minutes were accepted.
Treasurer Mary Ann Eiff W8MAE gave the treasury report and was accepted.

President Gary expressed his appreciation to all those that participated
in the Watts Bar Drill. Also thanks to Dale N4KDW and Kenny KC4OJS for there 
Help in the drill. Gary mentioned that Sheriff Joe Guy had said 
nice things about our club, ham watch, and public service from our members.

Vice President Steve K4SRR reported on the upcoming Jimmy Liner 
Memorial Christmas parade. 200 year celebration that takes place 
Saturday Nov. 30th at the Athens Middle school. We need all the help
we can get, please try to be there and bring extra welcomed help. Club
members and helpers need to be there around 3 o'clock to get set up.
If you have lights and generators bring em. Be sure to bring Handie Talkies 
and flashlights. Also dress for the weather.

Gary mentioned having digital training after the first of the year on 2 meters
and HF. Also training, using Winlink, APRS and other digital modes.

Paul KJ4G mentioned setting up a 220 repeater and a 6 meter remote base.
Chris KM4OTL mentioned having emergency battery power net on 146.490 Tues eve
at 8:30. Please check in. All are welcome. 

Gary opened the floor for officer nominations. No nominations were made.
Mike moved to close the nominations. All the 2019 officers will remain in there
positions. Thanks Guys!

The meeting was adjourned.
David K4SEY had a very good program about MARS, COMEX and other com
modes and procedures. Thanks David!