New News Letter

October 2019 Edition

October 14, 2019

President Gary Eiff called the meeting to order.

Mike lead the prayer

Darris lead the pledge

Roll call present 23

President Gary Eiff: 

The City Hall shack has moved into the utility room now, Darris and Bob 
recognized for their work with social media, new Elmer’s group attached 
to the Facebook page, Christmas parade help is needed at the upper parking 
lot and is set for Nov. 30 at 3pm at the Athens Middle School and a rain 
date for Dec. 2, Christmas party is tentatively set for Dec. 9th at 630pm at 
Western Sizzlin, congratulations to Dale and Suzette for their marriage, 
congratulations to Jim for getting his general

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions 
to the minutes, afterwards the minutes were accepted.  
Treasurer Mary Ann Eiff read the treasurers report from August. 55 paid 
members currently. Motion to accept treasurers report passed.

Old Business: Pumpkin Run and the social were both great successes, 
still working on a First Aid Class but no update yet, RACES/ACES drill had 
a great turnout

New Business: discussion on using club call for ACS, a MOU for ACS, and 
nominations for 2020 club members-motion was made executive committee 
to remain for 2020, testing will be by appointment only now
The meeting was adjourned