New News Letter

April 2019 Edition

April 8, 2019
President Gary Eiff called the meeting to order.
Kenny lead the prayer
Cliff lead the pledge
Roll call 24 present

VP Steve Rickerson: Deferred till later an update on the golf tournament and HAMFEST.

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes, afterwards the minutes were accepted.

Treasurer Mary Ann Eiff read the treasurers report from March. 44 paid members currently, and money for the golf tournament has really picked up. Motion to accept treasurers report passed.

Vice-president's report: still need more sponsors for the golf tournament, many different groups have committed to coming so it should be a success.

President's report: the golf tournament donations have been going well, and Steve and Bill have done a lot of outstanding work to accomplish this. It was Bob Miller's 50th wedding anniversary last month. Connie Ricks had donated $300 toward a new repeater and we have a letter being sent to her thanking her for the donation.

Old Business: Gary said that the Athens police department will be moving the station into a different room but wants to keep it on site.

Activities committees reports:
Bill: there is another APRS meeting on April 12 at the EOC and will be a lot more in-depth, Net Committee meeting on 20th (has now been postponed), April 27 the CASA Run at the Eureka trail and needing volunteers there by 6:30 am, Gary will be interviewed on WXYI on April 23, Christ Legacy Church will have an ER day on May 3rd, and May 17 is the golf tournament.

Dale: No-Pone is back up but duplex isn't working correctly, going to take it apart and fix it.

Darris: website is updated and has some different coding and some of the links may not work but going to leave them on there.

Both Dale and Darris were applauded for their work in the club.

New Business: Sheriff Guy talked about doing a volunteer patrol and would like to have individuals with their ham licenses and possible concealed permits. Kenny asked about a mini-field day, and the answer was yes at some later date. Steve said that HAMFEST is happening in July and the committee has been set and that flyers have already sent out.
The meeting was adjourned.

The presentation for the evening was presented by Darris Goforth about how to tune a radio, and Cliff Blackburn about how to correctly speak into a microphone.