New News Letter

May 2019 Edition

May 13, 2019
President Gary Eiff called the meeting to order.
Chris lead the prayer
Bill lead the pledge
Roll call 23 present
President Gary Eiff said that there is a need for a net committee chair since Doc had stepped down, as well as NCS and volunteers. The committee had approved a digital net. We will be helping with the Cherohala Challenge in June 8th with other clubs. 

VP Steve Rickerson: Deferred till later an update on the golf tournament. 

Secretary Chan Patrick asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes, afterwards the minutes were accepted.  

Treasurer Mary Ann Eiff read the treasurers report from April. 46 paid members currently. Both repeaters have been paid for now. Motion to accept treasurers report passed.

Vice-president’s report: 

President’s report: 

Old Business: Doc Holliday stepped down, needing new net chairman and NCS, a ham present said they came to the club because of the digital net

Activities committees reports:

Bill: needing about 12 people to man the holes at the golf tournament, eating about 5 (shrimp boil), APRS training May 18th, June 1st Hamfest in Atlanta, June 15 Hamfest in Knoxville, June 22-23 Field day at Bill’s, food that evening and Sunday morning breakfast, June 8th Cherohala Challenge (trailer is committed to help that day) and have received a request for help from the Monroe radio club

Thomas/Kenny: the Cherohala Challenge is 114 miles long, can stay as long as you want to help, helping with communications and water stops, by signing up you will get an email about the upcoming challenges

Gary: thanks to Bill for the turnout at the Casa run and ER Day, 9-11 teams for the upcoming golf tournament, 62 sponsors, Jackie Jones donating a car to hole in one on hole 17, golf clubs to the winning team, people can be swore in before the tournament to be a first responder, 1pm shot gun shot, Mark Cochran will be there

Darris: will possibly have 2-3 teams from Hillsboro fire department 

Dale: all 5 repeaters are up and running, No Pone needs an amp to get it running, will possibly have for how we can use fusion repeaters, RACES will have a training Wednesday May 15th 9am and 1pm, and Thursday May 16th 9am, 1pm and 6pm at the EOC

Cliff Blackburn: currently have Hamwatch applications 

New Business: 

The meeting was adjourned. 

The presentation for the evening was presented by Gary about how a fusion radio works, and Reed presented a demonstration on using a Shark amplifier.

Net Committee Minutes 4 May 2019

The committee meeting was called to order by Gary W3GME as a temporary measure due to the lack of a Chair for the committee following the resignation of Dr. Holliday resulting from increased family responsibilities. Doc, you and your family are in our prayers.

* The committee reviewed the committee’s charter and member list and revised them to reflect current conditions and responsibilities.

* The need for new NCS operators and a Chair for the committee were discussed. An announcement will be made at the next meeting to see if any Club member would like to join the committee.

* The need for a new NCS roster was discussed. Gary will make a temporary roster until someone can be found to fill the Chair position.

* A proposal was entertained to form a new “Digital Net” to learn and remain proficient in various digital modes (including CW). Three individuals have been identified who have agreed to be the NCS for this voice coordinated net. The concept was approved by the committee and they look forward to working with the NCS operators as they develop plans for the net.

* The meeting was adjourned with no date set for the next meeting.