MCARC Repeater Net Schedule

With the exception of the 2nd Monday evening of the month.
Regular Phone Nets are held on Monday evenings.
The 70cm Phone Net is held at 8:30pm on the 441.800 (+) 141.3 tone Starr Mtn Repeater.
The regular 2m phone net is held at 8:45pm on the 147.060 - 141.3 Repeater at AUB
The AUB 442.275 net will be held at 9:00pm. (+) 141.3 tone.
The local 2 meter simplex net is on
Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on 146.490mhz
Our friends in Meigs County are now conducting a phone net on
Tuesday evenings at 8:pm on the 147.390 + Dayton machine.
The NoPone 443.275 machine is back up and running.
The NoPone 145.150 machine is back up and running.
Check in with us often!