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NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook

Garys antenna project pictures posted in Photos page, checkem out.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I received a call from Michael, W1ELK, our license test coordinator and we are once again cleared to start testing.  When you are ready, give us plenty of time to arrange for your testing.  Michael has a plan that involves the outdoors, sunshine, and social distancing, so we are doing it in a way that still protects everyone’s health.  Use this time during, stay at home, to get that license or upgrade. 73s de Gary W3GME

May 11th News Letter posted. Please notify Chan KN4PKT or Darris K4RST of any needed corrections. Thanks

Code Practice, audio files, Scroll Down

Congratulations to our most recent licensed technicians Robert Hayes KO4CTQ and David Chamlee KO4CTP

Due to the corona virus, some hamfest are being canceled. Please check before you drive.

Code Practice 26 random letters.
Hints, Use cheat sheets below.
Pick a Code and Listen for it.

Random numbers, period, comma, and question mark.

Morse Code Sheets



Code Practice on 40 Meter 7.047.50image