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Low cost CW key, from HRO.

CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB: 2200Z, Feb 21 to 2200Z, Feb 23. For more info, check

Don't forget the Dalton Hamfest Sat Feb 22nd.

MCARC February 10th News letter posted. Please notify Chan kn4pkt or Darris k4rst of any needed corrections.

Interested? Morse Code Learning Aid image. Scroll down. Feel free to Download it.

Morse Code Tips: Not set in stone or order. Everyone learns differently, so work out your own system. dit dah "NOT" dot dash, Oh by the way, dit dah = A. See! You've already learned a letter. CW is a language. Just like any language you learn as a child. You hear the word first then learn the meaning. CW is the same. Hear the code first then learn the letter. Hear the letters, learn the word. Timing is important, learn to count. S for instance is ••• dit dit dit 123 Use words to represent a letter. For instance the letter H, kay dee did it •••• 1234 dit dit dit dit or S, take a bite, ••• dit dit dit. Make up your own words for letters. This will greatly speed up your learning. Listen to ARRL code practice at a comfortable speed. You can find there practice schedule and speeds, on there website. Pick a letter and mark every time you hear that letter. Add more letters as you progress. Listen for words, small 2 letter words at first. Then 3, 4, 5 and so on. Get a good straight key. Modern rigs have a CW side tone that you can set up to practice on. Set your estimated practice speed around 10 words per minute. Go higher as you progress. Note: Five letters represent a word. Suggestion! Use your Bible to practice with. You'll learn two things at once. Hee Hee I've found "for myself anyway" that practicing sending at high speeds will improve your receiving ability. In closing: I know there are better ops out there, but I don't let that discourage me and don't let it discourage you. Practicing at different times, when you think of it, everyday makes it less boring that way. hee hee Think about This, If you learn one letter a day, you will know morse code/CW in less than a month. I hope this inspires you to take up your key and follow me. Darris K4RST My email is P.S. When I figure out how. I hope to set up a, on the air, 2 meter practice net. So be patient or go ahead and start without me. hee hee