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5-23-21 Latest photos from Gary. Check Photos Page.

May 10th News Letter-Minutes is posted. Please notify Chan KN4PKT of any needed corrections

From Paul. KJ4G. I asked Bob, KC4KUZ, to clarify with the various officials our use of the government buildings and parks for Amateur Radio programs. The following results will be a real benefit to our programs throughout the year. We continue to have a great working relationship with our government officials.

#1 The pavilion by the lake at the Athens Regional Park has been reserved for the last full weekend in June for those who want to hold Field Day at that site. The park is slowly opening more of its area up to the public. If we decide not to use it, we can let the Parks & Rec. Department know so they can reschedule to someone else. There is NO cost for us to use it. Making the reservation needs to be done in early January of each year.

#2 The Athens Municipal Buildings Court Room is still on the reserve list for the clubs monthly meeting on the second Monday of the month from 6-9 pm. As soon as the room is opened for meetings with larger crowds, we will be contacted by the City Manager’s Secretary. The yearly scheduling of this room should be done in December of each year in the City Managers Secretary’s office. The new procedure for entering the building will be given to the club’s officers.

#3 The Parks and Recreation Department has approved the use of their parking lots for amateur training sessions. We need to make sure we do not interfere with the Baseball parking. The Department would like for us to contact them when we plan to have an event in the parking lot so their park staff will know what is going on.

#4 The Parks and Recreation Department has also agreed to let us use the top of the Hill to do training, have “Portable Operations” events from that area and during emergency events in our area. We will have to contact the Department when we plan to use the Hill Top to get access to the road going to the top, so they can let their staff know what we are doing. The long-term plans for development of the hilltop have amateurs in mind. When the light poles are installed, they will have pulleys installed for wire antennas to be set up.

Notice! The FCC has announced that rule changes detailed in a lengthy 2019 Report and Order governing RF exposure standards go into effect on May 3, 2021. The new rules do not change existing RF exposure (RFE) limits but do require that stations in all services, including amateur radio, be evaluated against existing limits, unless they are exempted. For stations already in place, that evaluation must be completed by May 3, 2023. After May 3 of this year, any new station, or any existing station modified in a way that's likely to change its RFE profile - such as different antenna or placement or greater power - will need to conduct an evaluation by the date of activation or change.

The Report and Order can be found online in PDF format at,

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Hello All, The 442.275 repeater at AUB is now connected to the Southeast link via Wires-X for those that have C4FM capabilities. For more info, contact Reed, W4HRC

South East Tennessee
First Responders Cup was a great success. Thanks to all the sponsors, player's and MCARC Members that helped out. Also, thanks to Brian Ford and staff at Ridgewood Golf for there support. Could not of done it without them. Till next year 73s!