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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club Stolen Items
1.  Yaesu FT-1000MP with desk mic, serial number:  9N520072
2. Kenwood TS-450S with desk mic, serial number: UNKNOWN
3. Honda Generator, Model number, EU6500IS1T, serial number: EASJ-1216612
4. Honda Generator, Model number, EU2000T1A1, serial number: EACT-1089825
5. Icom IC-2820 D-Star Radio with hand mic, serial number: 1501030
6. 1999 Black Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck with Ladder Rack. VIN 4TASM92N0XZ408686 Tag Number H116715 Stolen during the theft of the communications trailer. The truck is a high mileage vehicle (approx 250,000 miles), with extended cab with bedliner, 2-wheel drive, a broken door handle, and a gray interior. The truck resembles a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The vehicle is owned by one of our members and was used by the thieves to tow our comm trailer through a security fence. Our efforts to locate our club's stolen equipment includes our member's vehicle as well.
● Shore Power Cables with End Connectors & Adapter. These are heavy gauge / heavy weight power cables for use between the generator output terminals and the electrical load.  
● Trailer Drawbar/ball mount, and trailer ball. This is typically a one-piece unit  
● Handle for Trailer Leveling Jacks. Long “brassy”-looking handled with bend on one end used to turn screw jacks on each corner of the trailer to level

TAG Digital Nets: TAG (which stands for TN, AL GA) are held each Wednesday night for Fusion/C4FM and D-Star. These are digital only nets and they are off to a great start! The combined TAG, Fusion, DMR and D-Star net is held on Wednesday nights from 7:30 – 8:30 PM Eastern time. The TAG D-Star net follows starting at 8:30 and running until 9:30 PM Eastern time. The TAG DMR net has been combined with the TDARG (TN Digital Amateur Radio Group) and is held on Friday nights at 9:00 PM. See below for connection information and check out our Nets page for more information, days and times.

The focus of the net will be PDN/HRI operation, setup, HRI-200, and registration questions. This net will answer questions, however it will not have technical support available to answer in depth questions. Depending on the question, answers may not be available. You can also reach technical support during normal business hours.

Join the conversation on the TAG Multi-Mode / Fusion Net by using one of the following methods:

Wires-X N4LMC X 442.650 – located atop Lookout Mountain Wires-X N4LMC 442.725 – located atop Signal Mountain HRI-200’s (in digital operation only), you may connect to Room 43369 FTM-100D, FTM-400DR/XDR & FT-2D use PDN/HRI modes – Room 43369 YSF Room “US SOUTHEASTLINK”, Room # 95984 D-Star XREF N4LMC-C 145.160 – located atop Lookout Mountain D-Star XREF W4RRG-B 444.725 – located atop Signal Mountain D-Star XReflector system XRF205-D, XLX205-D, DCS205-D and XRF139-A DMR via the TGIF Network, TalkGroup SOUTHEAST-LINK #43389

Note: The NoPone 145:150 machine is temporarily down.

Posted a few pictures of Field Day. Thanks to all the 29 members and guest, Field day turned out great. We had 4 transmitters going, that was interesting. We had some QRM but it worked out OK! Compitition was high, Kenny KN4FIH was the winner for the most contacts and Darris K4RST, on CW, was the winner for the most points. Hope to see you next year de K4RST.

The MCARC will host a club member table at our Hamfest that will consist of donated items that will be sold to benefit the MCARC. Members are encouraged to donate items for sale and to place a starting value on the items donated. Cliff, W4TZD, has agreed to staff the table for the Hamfest.  So dig out any unwanted Ham Stuff and donate to the Hamfest, Thanks!  (No stray cats, '56 Buick's, or farm implements, please)