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Technician Class Beginning August 23, 2018 6:30pm until 8:45pm at the McMinn County EOC
1107 Congress PkWy. Behind C and D Tire. For more Info: Click Here Please feel free to print copies to hand out. Thanks

08.20.2018 Hawaii QSO Party: 0400Z, Aug 25 to 0400Z, Aug 27 for more info Click Here

08.16.2018 Hello! This is MCARC member James Schuster KD9HDQ I am looking to sell my Icom mobile dual band radio. See picture Here This radio has a remote head you can put anywhere separate from the unit itself. I took it out of my truck and no longer need it. It comes with a mobile Browning antenna and external speaker. I am asking $250 for everything. If interested please email me at ( Thank You KD9HDQ

08.14.2018 How To Search our website with Google. Type or Paste in Google and Click Search.
Example 1: darris
Example 2: w1elk
Example 3: cliff
The last word after the .com is what your searching for. Be sure to leave a space after .com
You can use this syntax ( word) for other websites also. Try It!

07.16.2018 Grid Square Locator A handy tool to get your or someone else's grid square. Check it out! Here The map is centered over France. At the bottom of the page type in EM or another grid square and click Locate and the map will locate that grid. EM will locate you over the SouthEastern US. Then zoom in the map at your location and click to get your 6 character grid square.