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Helps & Software Page

This page contains links to some handy helps and software for hams! Feel free to download!

*NEW* Can't run ladder line because it is too close to your house? See this link.

Huge Website of Grounding info!

This site is a compendium of links that pertain to radio of all types.

This web site checks for QSL info on over 60 sites and can also calculate postage. See

TN Ham License Plate form! Jerry, NE4L, has provided a pdf formatted form of the TN Ham License Plate application, that you can fill out all of the blanks except the signature, then print it out to take to your County Court Clerk's office. See

BRYCE K. ANDERSON, K7UA has written an excellent resource named “THE NEW DXER’S HANDBOOK”. You can download a personal copy (with his permission) at's_Handbook-01-15-2011.pdf. It is about a 1MB download.

Meeting People with Ham Radios - Page with links to ham radio groups and info.

So, you want to put up a really long all band loop antenna (a "Skywire")? See and scroll down to N4KC's Skywire Horizontal Loop Antenna

Great resource on grounding practices from PolyPhaser.

Good article on trap and coil loss in antennas. Is about verticals, but the info applies to many situations.

Do you need to cipher (aka figure, calculate, estimate, etc) some type of equation? See this site:

Putting in a new 220V outlet for that new amp? Or, trying to figure out which wire goes where on a GFI? See

Thinking about putting up a tower? The info on this site is a MUST READ before you do!

HELP! I am about to sell my station! I don't hear nothin' but noise! Before you do, download and read this... Noise Abatement on HF Radios

10M won't be dead forever! Build N4NLM's 10M Delta Loop...easy! .

Battery Backup computaion .

Amateur radio license study materials FREE! See .

Theory Study Guides for ALL amateur radio tests: Why buy one? Download what you need from . Click on "Amateur Question Pools" on the left side.

Ned Swartz, K1GU works Field Day with the MCARC, and he sent me a very good article on navigating the FCC ULS website for license renewals and update. It is a small pdf file, available at this link . (Right click and "Save As".)

Need a Morse Code Study Program? Click "here" and download this one! (NEW! Windows based! 504kb)

UI-VIEW32 for APRS resource and setup page. APRS

Just can't remember those RESISTOR colors? Click "Here" for a resistor and capacitor program! (Only 230kb)

What about a web site where you can learn about or look up all kinds of electronic data? See .

Got power line noise? Don't know how to get it resolved? Here is a good resource: .

Need log sheets, radiogram forms, NCS scripts? Go to the NCS folder and download what you need. gets you all forms listed.

Here is a simple circuit you can build to use your power supply to charge a 12V back-up battery and it will automatically change over when the power fails! Click "here" to view.

Here is a neat UTC clock you can looks like this in "window" mode... and like this minimized in the system tray...

Just click and it will download. Unzip it to your "C" drive, and put a shortcut to it in your "Start Up" folder and it will run when you boot up! Neat little utility and only 89kb!

Need to know how to wire a mic to your rig? Then click this link...

Got some goodies you would like to give others? E-mail the webmaster!