MCARC HamFest Contest Rules (Door Prizes) 
McMinn County Amateur Radio Club members are eligible to enter or win any advertised prizes. 
Those purchasing door prize tickets may purchase as many tickets as they choose. 
Each ticket shall have a valid callsign and telephone number of the individual purchasing the ticket(s) OR the 
callsign and telephone number of a family member possessing a current amateur radio callsign. 
Each ticket will be placed in the ticket drum, with the purchaser maintaining the matching duplicate stub(s) for 
verification purposes. 

Various door prizes will be awarded throughout the HamFest with the ticket drum rotated numerous times 
before each drawing to ensure thorough mixing of the tickets.  As tickets are drawn from the drum, each ticket 
drawn will be verified by a second individual and the winner(s) will be announced via the facility PA system 
and a reasonable amount of time (as determined by the club officers) given for the individual(s) to claim their 
prizes.  If a prize is not claimed within the allotted time, another ticket will be drawn, following the same 

Winners of all but the GRAND PRIZE must be present to win their respective prize(s). 
PRIOR to drawing for the GRAND PRIZE, all tickets previously drawn for door prizes will be placed back in the 
ticket drum so that everyone has an opportunity to win the GRAND PRIZE. 

The drawing for the GRAND PRIZE will take place near the close of the HamFest and the owner of the winning 
ticket drawn does NOT have to be present to win.  If they are not present at the time of the drawing, they will 
be contacted via the telephone number entered on the ticket, and their callsign verified through the QRZ 
callsign database, or the ARRL callsign database. 

A second ticket will also be drawn for the GRAND PRIZE and be kept in reserve.  In the event that the owner of 
the first ticket drawn is ineligible (no amateur license or licensed family member can be verified) or cannot be 
reached after repeated attempts over a reasonable period of time (as determined by the club officers), the 
owner of this second ticket will be declared the winner and contacted to be awarded the GRAND PRIZE. 
Any unforeseen issues that may arise surrounding this contest not already described herein shall be evaluated 
by the MCARC club officers, and their decision(s) will be final. 

NOTE:  Once individuals take possession of any prizes awarded them, they are solely responsible for the 
security of same prize, for any owner’s registration, and for proper operation of said prize(s) (HF/VHF/UHF 
transceivers) within the limits of any amateur radio operator / station licenses they possess.  The MCARC 
assumes NO liability beyond the awarding of said prizes to licensed amateurs or their family members in 
accordance with the contest rules stated above. 

Reviewed and approved for 2019 by the 2019 MCARC Club Officers and Members.