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Officers, Meetings, Events and Committees



Officers: President: Don Morelan KE4BMQ Vice Pres: Darris Goforth K4RST Secretary: Mike Elkins W1ELK Treasurer: Cliff Blackburn W4TZD Trustee: Reed Clayton W4HRC

Regular Club Meetings:
   Second Monday Evening of each Month at 7pm.
   Meetings are held at the 
   Athens Municipal Building Court Room...

   MCARC Meeting dates for 2017: 

   Jan. 9, 2017.....Testing
   Feb. 13, 2017     
   Mar. 13, 2017....Testing
   Apr. 10, 2017        
   May. 8, 2017.....Testing
   Jun. 12, 2017
   Jul. 10, 2017....Testing
   Aug. 14, 2017
   Sep. 11, 2017....Testing
   Oct. 9, 2017
   Nov. 13, 2017....Testing
   Dec 11, 2017

Testing: Testing will be held on the odd months, after our regular meetings...Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov... Although sometimes "by request" the VEs will give test after the meetings on the even months...Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.... So come prepaired to test...
Known Upcoming Events:

Great Pumpkin Run in Sept.?
Mini FD October 21-22, 2017, at Bill's QTH in Etowah. 
Vote for New Officers in November.
Veterans Day Parade in November.
Christmas Parade December
Eatin Meetin in December.

If you would like us to provide Communications for your event please 
email us at

   Hamfest:         Phil Prichard   KC4JIY
   Repeater:        Tracy Carter    KA4JPB
   Club Net:        Doc Holliday    KK4STW
   Activities:      Need someone for this position 
   Public Rel:      Bob Miller      KC4KUZ
   Ham Watch:       Cliff Blackburn W4TZD This is not a club function.
   Programs:        Darris Goforth  K4RST
   Website:         Darris Goforth  K4RST
   Nominating:      Glenn Moses     W4GRM
   Trailer/FD:      Bill Luecken    W4WPL
   School Station:  Josh Haire      KM4KYW We Need a School Sponcer.

Note: For other "Committee Members" Please Contact Chairperson of that Group...